Eenie Meanie participates in Kentucky Arts Council Master Class

Welcome to the home of Eenie Meanie, Teresa Willis’ award-winning solo performance piece.  At once funny and insightful, Eenie Meanie examines conditioned racism in the well-meaning heart. Following one white woman’s journey from innocence to apathy to awakening, Eenie Meanie employs music, video, and spoken word using Willis’ own experiences to provide a deeply personal perspective on baby-boomer racism.

WE ARE THRILLED to be part of the Kentucky Arts Council Master Class.  It’s quite an honor to be selected to perform along side 8 other Kentucky artists/companies in Frankfort on October 15.  Master Class, a daylong laboratory exploring topics and options for presenting live performance, is open to individuals and groups who plan for, and present, live performance, including performing arts presenters, park directors, festival organizers, Main Street managers, Trail Town participants, community groups and organizations, librarians, civic organization leaders, event planners, college and university activity boards, business leaders, government agencies and others.

Kentucky really does support artist at a grassroots level, creating opportunities for artists and presenters to meet to put together tours and gigs.  I’m so glad to be accepted by the Arts Council for this opportunity.

Eenie Meanie has been performed 86 times since 2003 in California, Scotland, New York City, Cincinnati, Lexington & Louisville (Walden Theatre, 2006.)  The show has been hailed by critics and audiences alike domestically and abroad.  The show was the only Cincinnati Fringe entry awarded a pretigious Acclaim Award  from the Cincinnati Enquirer for the 2006 season. Most recently Eenie Meanie was presented at the Slant Culture Theatre Festival in November 2013 – check out the great review from Arts-Louisville just added to the Press page.

So, yes, it’s been over a decade since the show’s premiere.  Often I’ve thought it’s time to move on, put it away, write something else.  But just as I’m about to break it down, another opportunity, another audience shows up.  When I realized how this show moves people and inspires one to examine their own relationship to the wound of racism, I decided that I’d keep doing it as long as there was audience that wants to see it.  And, that keeps happening.  So Eenie Meanie keeps on keeping on.

ArtsCouncilLogo2ColorIn recognition of artistic excellence, Eenie Meanie (Alchemy Productions) has been selected to participate in the Performing Arts Directory, a program of the Kentucky Arts Council, the state arts agency, which is supported by state tax dollars and federal funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.