Eenie Encore gets a Snow Day

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The last performance at Eenie Meanie at Slant was sold out and resulted in a 30 person list interested in seeing the show at a subsequent time. I really wanted to video this production because it has changed so much since the last version so I gathered all these wonderful people, plus a few others and had another nearly sold out show scheduled for last Friday night.

We all know what happened last Friday, right? I am SO Ms. Show Must Go On. I am SO Ms. Eyeroll with the Sensationalized Weather Reports. I became SO Ms. Well, OK, But Not Without a Few Tears when I was told we were, in fact cancelling the show.

It’s tough to be all ready to go on and then not get to go on. But it was the right thing to do – a fact I was convinced of during the treacherous and harrowing 5 mile, 2 hour drive home from lunch that afternoon. I’m so glad that my stubbornness was eclipsed by Walden Theatre’s common sense. So grateful everyone stayed safe and warm.

Reschedule? I sat with that for about 30 seconds and realized I have to get back to my life. Plus, there’s just a feel about it. Holidays are here, the snow continues, Slant and Eenie need their rest.

But! Hope is not lost. There is the possibility of a booking in the spring. Whenever the show hits the road, I do a warm-up performance in my home theatre – which is now the Walden AltSpace. So stayed tuned, those of you that hated to miss it. I’ll let those that were reserved on Friday night know first and then open it up when the time comes.

As always, thanks so much for the support. Eenie Meanie lives on…

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