Eenie Meanie is BACK!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Eenie Meanie 017

AS PROMISED a new Louisville run is in the offing.  Eenie Meanie will enjoy a 12 performance, 3 week run at the beautiful Henry Clay Theatre opening February 13 and running through March 1!  This is made possible through a co-production with Bunbury Theatre.  I’m thrilled to be welcomed by one of most established and successful independent theatre companies in Louisville.  Check them out (and buy your tickets!) at

Thanks to Juergen Tossman for inviting me to come play at Bunbury.  I’m bringing the busily brilliant Jennifer Pennington back to direct and the stalwart and witty Maria Allgeier back to Stage Manage. I’m so thrilled to have the gang back together again!

This run will bring the performance count for this show to 81.  I started in 2003 and have just followed wherever it leads me.  Yes, I wrote it, it’s based on my life and I produce and perform it, but oddly, Eenie Meanie feels like a different entity.  It’s just my job to be available to channel it when the audience shows up.

And, unfortunately, it’s always topical…

This Bunbury run came together through such a strange confluence of events…explaining it would take a very indulgent blog post.  I’ll just say thanks to Patrick Tovatt and leave it at that.

So stay tuned for more Eenie Meanie adventures.  So grateful!




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