I just met a girl named Maria…

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Well, not JUST…

I knew Maria Allgeier rocked the free world and parts of Guam when we worked together during Slant 2012 – she was the Festival Stage Manager.  I was abfab crazy about her when she said she’d come to meetings all year and record the minutes.  Then, she helped me out with some AirBNB stuff and herd-sat for Laura and me (it’s not just PET sitting with us) so I was nigh on in love with her very person.

This is a person who just naturally, as a matter of course, as easily as breathing in and out, saves my ass.  So I’m smart.  I asked her to Stage Manage Eenie Meanie.  Lucky me.  She said yes.

So, she’s being a stage manager, watching the time, holding the space, recording my on-the-fly rewrites of material that hasn’t changed in 10 years, then erasing them when I change my mind the next run through,  CORRECTING MY GRAMMAR. (ahem.)  And I realize, perhaps this is more than a Stage Manager.  Perhaps Maria Allgeier, somewhere along the way, has also become a friend.

These suspicions were confirmed one day last week when I happened upon a dead possum in my yard.  Murdered, no doubt, by part of the herd earlier that morning.  I was musing about the fine print of home-ownership, the part that says if there’s something dead in the yard, no one is going to come take care of it for you, when Maria pulled up.  I was gathering up the nerve to go out and deal with the poor dead thing, telling Maria and Jen that they can stay inside, but I had to go take care of this.  Jen stayed put (as I would’ve) but Maria came out with me.

Ugh!  It was so gross.  We both squealed when the carcass thumped off the shovel into the bag.  I still shudder to think of it.  But I don’t shudder alone.

So for above and beyond in the category of Stage Manager and friend, today we salute Maria Allgeier.  Thanks, Maria!


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