Opening the Eenie Box

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Here we go!  Tonight I had the first on-my-feet rehearsal with Eenie Meanie in 3.5 years.  It’s scary are exhilarating.  You’d think after so many years it would be no big deal, but as I set up to rehearse in my basement (I can rehearse in my basement!!!) I pulled out the roadcase with all my props.  I haven’t looked at this stuff since my 2010 Hollywood Fringe production at the Open Fist closed.

IMG_4496 IMG_4495

I gotta admit I got kind of misty popping open the big black case that Cricket and I lugged through Edinburgh, that Jan and I lugged through NYC, that Jess and I lugged through Cincinnati, Louisville & Lexington. I thought of prop building in the back yard at Brighton Street, with everybody that was part of my circle back then helping.  I thought of dear, brilliant, serene Jose Payo and was so grateful I got to work with him both in Backyard Benefits and the Cal-Poly gig.

There’s no such thing as a one-person show.  I’d wear out my welcome if I mentioned everyone that has brought Eenie along the last decade.  Most of them – all of them, actually, aren’t really in my life anymore and some of them I miss so very deeply.  But they were all there in that box when I opened it tonight.  And I’m grateful.


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