Reenie & Ralph

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Reenie & Ralph Dance - 1999Rehearsing this show again has brought me back to my parents.  They both inspired this show, especially Daddy.  I swear I think he was there with me when I was writing it, pushing my pen.  I had toyed with this idea for a while, but after Dad died in January 2002, I was moved to create something significant and create it soon.  His mortality made mine visceral.  And besides, nothing honored him more than to stop procrastinating and do something.

But it’s Mamma I’m thinking of today. October is her month; the month she left us.  Yesterday, October 25, made it seven years.  These anniversaries hit in unpredictable ways for me, sometimes a passing bittersweet thought, sometimes a full on storm of grief.  Yesterday I was merely wistful, till I got in the car to go to rehearsal.

Driving up Lexington Road,  I thought of how I prepped her before she saw Eenie Meanie when I performed it here in June 2006.  I told her that she and Dad were characters in the play, and that sometimes it wasn’t that flattering.   She smiled and said, “I can take it.”  And she could.  She loved the show and was so proud of me. I’m so grateful she got to see it.

During the time I was home for the show, she was having headaches that just wouldn’t go away.  We bugged her to go to the doctor and she said she had an appointment after I left.  About a week after I got back to LA, my sister called and told me that we didn’t have much time left with mom. That was July.  We had her till October.

By the time I got to rehearsal I had to sit and cry a bit in the car.  When I went in, Maria and Jenn were there with hugs.  Then we settled in to work.  I can’t describe how good it felt.  I’m just coming off an injury and it’s the first time in the process I really felt like I had my body on board.  The show moved through me like blood through my veins.  It felt like the work and I were one for the first time since 2010.  And it was exhilarating.

I know Mom was with me.  Dad, too.  They always show up ready for their entrance; ready to step on stage with me again and again.


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